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Natura Green investments

who we are

NATURA GREEN INVESTMENTS INC. (NGI) is an investment holding company headquartered in New York City. Our current portfolio consists of seven creative agencies strategically located in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. These agencies provide a range of creative services to many Fortune 500 companies and support them in building a responsible future while synergizing brilliant efforts to heal our planet.


Since 1993, NGI’s mission is to enhance human experience through products and services that are in harmony with the earth. We believe in the power of trust earned through dynamic collaboration. Leading with passion, we are fearless in our pursuit of innovative ideas that produce a positive impact.

holding portfolio

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NiCE MATERIA founded in Singapore in 2014 is a consultancy and it promotes discoveries and innovations in peace with our earth. Our main activities are delivered worldwide and are supporting all areas from concepts, to manufacturing to also consults on technologies to access a democratic and responsible support. driven IP and their new involvement as we are supporting WWO and misuses of scalable alternatives where sustainable considerations are proposed by an active portal. Post consumer waste is a hazard to our atmosphere and introductions are made in connections to the G20 mission.


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New York city

NGI - NiCE HQ 330 Fifth Avenue,
NY, NY, 10001, USA
tel. +1 212 515-6600


NiCE - 5 Rue du Chevalier de Saint-George,
75008, Paris, France
tel. +33 6 4054 7608


Ian S., tel. +61 447 378 896
tel. +65 91382966


NiCE 204  2-10-17 Kitaaoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
tel. +81 (0)3 6434 9773


NiCE - Nomu - 20 Handy Road, 03-01,
Singapore, 229236
tel. +65 6876 7800


NiCE2 AIA Capital Center, 2006,
89 Ratchadaphisek Bangkok
10400 Thailand
tel. +66 (0) 20181363


Interested in joining one of our teams or working with NGI? We are currently seeking for individuals or companies which share a similar spirit of: purpose, talent, passion and persistence to contribute to our vision and improve our world.
Please enquire for opportunities by sending an introduction to: jobs@naturagreeninvestments.com